Brett Favre, LeRoy Butler Disagree on where Rodgers Will Finish Career

Many fans remember the day that Brett Favre signed with the New York Jets after playing sixteen seasons for the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers was the quarterback of the future at the time. He had been drafted 24th overall in the 2005 draft. Now, the Packers find themselves in a similar position with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love, the new quarterback of the future. While Rodgers still has two full seasons left on his current contract (along with two more option years to stay in Green Bay after 2021), the question has become: Will Aaron Rodgers finish his career in Green Bay? Or will Packers fans be subjected to another Favre-esque departure?

Aug. 6, 2008: Packers Trade Brett Favre to Jets
Brett Favre is introduced at a press conference with the New York Jets in 2008. Credit:

Former Players Weigh in on Rodgers

As Rodgers’s future with the Packers is in question, two legends of the nineties gave their opinions on how he will finish his career. First, former quarterback Brett Favre spoke candidly on the Rich Eisen Show. He believes that Aaron Rodgers will finish his career elsewhere:

Former Packers QB Brett Favre’s quote showing he believes Aaron Rodgers will finish his career somewhere other than Green Bay.

Just hours after Favre commented, former defensive back LeRoy Butler put forth his thoughts on the situation. Butler believes that Rodgers will not leave the Packers, because “they can compete for a Super Bowl.” His full tweet is below.

Former Packers DB LeRoy Butler gives his opinion on whether or not Aaron Rodgers will leave Green Bay.

Last Thoughts

Who do you think will be right: LeRoy Butler or Brett Favre? Will Rodgers finish his career in Green Bay, or somewhere else? This question is sure to spark debates within the Packers fanbase. Let me know in the comments.

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