BREAKING: Ryan Braun Announces Retirement.

While some of us expected this announcement to come in the offseason, it came a little sooner than we anticipated. 5,226 days after his debut, Ryan Braun will put number eight to rest and retire a Brewers legend.

However you may remember Ryan Braun, Brewers fans remember him as the 2007 Rookie of the Year, 2011 NL MVP, Five-Time Silver Slugger, and the face many of us grew up seeing watching baseball. Whatever you think of Ryan Braun, there is no doubt that he’ll retire a legacy.

No longer seeing No. 8 on the field will definitely be an adjustment to some. It was something to see him hit a home run against the Chicago Cubs in 2008 to send the crew to the playoffs for the first time in 26 years.

Or in 2011 when he hit the walk-off home run, clinching the crew’s spot in the postseason once again.

Or even in 2019, when he hit not one, but two grand slams.

Thank you, Ryan Braun, for the countless memories and years that you dedicated to Milwaukee. Your legacy will live on forever.

The Brewers will have a special ceremony on Sunday, September 26. More details to come..

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