Breaking: Aaron Rodgers Has Not Requested a Trade

Remember this face fondly. It may be gone forever.

Earlier today, Ian Rapaport appeared on a Locked On podcast with Peter Bukowski.  During the interview, he revealed several key pieces of information about Aaron Rodgers, the Packers, and the offseason.

Earlier this year, on the first night NFL Draft nonetheless, ESPN’s Adam Shefter broke news that Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay.  In the months that have followed, much has been said about the situation between the Packers and Rodgers.  Some have said the Rodgers would retire before he played for the Packers again.  Others have said that he requested the Packers to trade him.  The rumors went so far as to say that the Packers were fielding calls and trade proposals for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

On the podcast, however, we have confirmed what many have suspected.  The situation is not all that it seems.  Later, on the Dan Patrick Show, Shefter admited that he did not have a source for his story.  Instead, he broke the story based on rumors and hearsay that he had accumulated since the NFC Championship Game.

The Rodgers’ Drama Has Affected the Packers Offseason

Another major takeaway from the Rapaport interview was that the Packers did not make any real moves in free agency as they focused on fixing the situation with Rodgers.  Of course, the salary cap situation may also have played a role in that.


It was also revealed that any possible extension for Davante Adams has been put on hold until they figure out the Aaron Rodgers situation.  Adams, himself, has stated that he is not sure what his decision would be when it comes to re-signing if Rodgers is not the quarterback in Green Bay.  Adams, as all other Packers’ wide receivers, is not under contract beyond this season.

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