Big Ten Conference Cancels 2020 Football Season

The Big Ten announced this morning the 2020 football season will be cancelled. This means there will be no Big Ten football games in 2020. This was an expected decision after reports came out earlier the conference was leaning towards cancelling the season. As a result, It is unclear yet if the Big Ten will move the season to the Spring 2021 semester or if football will be cancelled until next year.

Dan Patrick indicated on his radio show Monday morning that it was voted 12-2 by the presidents of the universities to cancel the season. Nebraska and Iowa were the only two schools to vote yes.

The Big Ten is the first major conference to announce the football season will be cancelled. The decision comes after the MAC voted on Saturday to cancel their football season. It is unclear when the other major conferences will make decisions on their season

There is not doubt that this hurts all the players, coaches, and fans. As a fan of college football, I love waking up Saturday mornings to watch the pre-game shows. There is nothing better as a football fan than being spoiled with hours of college football every Saturday. As a result, Saturday’s this fall will look a lot different this year.

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