Author: Shayne Kubas

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The past three drafts by Packers GM Brian Gutekunst have failed to push them to the promised land. How did they get here? Much of the negativity towards the Packers right now is due to inactivity at the trade deadline. While that is well deserved, it goes deeper than that. Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has failed to find immediate impact players in the draft the past three seasons. That has limited an otherwise talented team’s ability to make it all the way. Packers GM failed to draft impact starters Hindsight is always 20/20 of course, but looking back at how…

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The Packers receivers struggled mightily against the Commanders, leading to just 194 passing yards by Aaron Rodgers. What can be done to help? The Packers offense hit a new low in their 23-21 defeat at the hands of the Washington Commanders, finishing with just 217 total yards. The receivers in particular had a dreadful game, with a combined 11 catches for just 109 yards on 19 targets. Running back Aaron Jones was their most effective pass catcher with nine receptions for 53 yards on 11 targets. He also scored their only two offensive touchdowns. Packers receivers struggling is nothing new…

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The Packers need all the help they can get at receiver, but maybe a TE with receiver skills could be even better. The rumors continue to fly for the Packers as the Nov. 1 NFL trade deadline approaches, with many focusing on possible additions to their receiving corps. While it’s clear that weapons for QB Aaron Rodgers are the top priority, WR may not be the best place to look. A player in the AFC East who could use a new place to call home would make sense. Packers should look into Mike Gesecki With the Panthers looking likely to…

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Badgers’ football is reeling after their 34-28 OT loss to Michigan State. Facing Purdue could be just what they need to rebound. The Wisconsin Badgers are in unfamiliar territory this season, currently sitting at just a 3-4 record. Wisconsin hasn’t been under .500 this far into the season since 2008. That season was also the last time they failed to win more than seven games. The good news for Badgers fans is that a familiar opponent is on the schedule this week. And they haven’t lost to them in almost two decades. Badgers Football has been Purdue’s Kryptonite The Purdue…

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With the offense going nowhere through six games, Packers trade rumors continue to swirl. One rumor involves a talented Steelers WR. The Green Bay Packers are seemingly in the hunt for help at receiver after a troubling 3-3 start to the season. Aaron Rodgers has not looked like his MVP self, and the skill players around him have not been able to make the big plays this offense needs. It isn’t hard to see why so many Packers trade rumors are swirling. They have relied far too much on their running back duo of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon so…

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