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Every Sunday or Monday I’ll be doing a Bucks Weekly Recap and Look Ahead.  Depending how the schedule works, these should be a nice little summary each week of the positives/negatives we saw in each game, the top performers and previewing the week to come. Milwaukee posted an unblemished record this past week for the first time this season.  Three victories, with two over playoff teams and one over a dumpster fire in Detroit.  Although you’ll never see me complain about wins, there are always things to point out and mention, good or bad.  Let’s dive into the three games…

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Hey everyone my name is Jake but everyone calls me by my last name, O’Kane.  This will be the first Bucks article of many for the site wand I wanted to put something together that could get a discussion going.  I get it’s just twelve games into the young season but the Milwaukee Bucks hav looked like they’ve found their rotation for at least the near future.  They’ve stayed with a ten-man rotation but have also blessed DJ Wilson and Rookie Jordan Nwora with constant garbage minutes.  I’ll give DJ and the rook a grade but I haven’t seen enough…

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