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Mike has been a credentialed writer across many sports and international competitions over his long writing career. He has a particular love of sports history.

Trevor Keels

A lot can change in the NBA standings after the All-Star Break, but it’s relatively safe to assume the reigning champions in the Milwaukee Bucks will earn a good playoff seed and will be drafting towards the end of the first round come the 2022 NBA Draft. With the college basketball season in full swing, prospects are showing their capabilities with some flying up the draft boards and some falling. Milwaukee is in an interesting predicament with three stars signed to massive deals for the foreseeable future, so free agency flexibility won’t come easy. Due to this, the Milwaukee front…

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tom clements

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur isn’t afraid to hire an assistant he has never worked with before. When putting together his offensive staff in his first season as the Packers head coach, he hired two coaches he had never worked with. Both, for vital positions on his offensive staff. Nathaniel Hackett and Luke Getsy were hired as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Getsy would go on to add pass game coordinator to his job title. Even with not working with LaFleur, both would become key components for the Packers offensive success. So much so, that both earned promotions…

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Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic is now a free agent after agreeing to a buyout with the San Antonio Spurs. The 14-year veteran will surely be pursued by a number of championship contending teams, the Milwaukee Bucks need to be one of them. George Hill has done well as the team’s primary back-up point guard, but bench guard Pat Connaughton recently suffered an injury and is set to be sidelined for a few weeks. Dragic can instantly come in and mesh with the team due to his experience and playing style. Bookies have been kind to the Bucks for the most part, and…

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Cricket has been revolutionized by the Indian Premier League (IPL). The league, now valued at over $5 billion, has been copied all around the world, including in the Caribbean, England, Australia and Pakistan. T20 cricket, the newest and shortest form of the game, lasts only around three hours, unlike Test cricket which spans five days. The result has been an emphasis on power hitting and bowling variety which has provided a new style of entertainment for millions of fans, including a new wave of fantasy cricket players. Is Cricket Viewership on the Rise in the US? The IPL is now…

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Thomas Brady

Historically, popular sports in Ireland have been headlined by Gaelic Games, soccer, rugby, and golf, among others. But over the last few years, another sport has been on the rise, that being American football and specifically the NFL. Football has been played competitively in Ireland since the 1980s through the Irish American Football Association (IAFA), which was founded in 1984. Starting with 120 players, the IAFA has continued to grow and gain interest while allowing athletes to play at an amateur level. That interest in football in Ireland hasn’t been limited to just taking the field, but also following the…

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