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Kristian is currently earning his BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He is a football fanatic who follows all 32 teams and hopes to one day be an editor for an NFL team.

NFL Power Rankings: Where the Packers Sit in May Per ESPN

Not only do experts make statistical predictions on teams, they also make predictions on who is going to be a playing a certain amount of time. Every sports group has their predictions, analysis, and opinions. The one I will be going over is NFL’s staff Gregg Rosenthal from Around the NFL. He goes over every division and every team projecting who he thinks is going to be the 22 starters for each one. In this article, he went over the NFC North, which every fan knows includes the Packers Here are his projected starters for both offense and defense of…

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Green Bay Packers

Brian Gutekunst is going into his 6th season of being the GM for the Green Bay Packers. Some fans think he has built a roster full of young talent. Others think his short comings were masked by the greatness of Rodgers. Since this will be the first year that he and the Packers don’t have Rodgers under center, should he be considered in the hot seat like many fans think for QB Jordan Love and HC Matt LeFleur? Well let’s take a quick look at his track record. Every First Round Pick Made by Gutekunst While there are a total…

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Packers organization

For the past week, the NFL has been leaking out certain games from the schedule. Experts and talkshow hosts have been discussing which games they want to see and their thoughts on how the schedule will turn out in general. Something else the NFL world has talked about are who will get the most primetime games. A primetime game is a late game on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night. They’re called primetime games because they are the only games played at that time, unlike noon and afternoon games with multiple teams playing. First let’s see who ended up having the…

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Green Bay Packers Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson

The Green Bay Packers have had some great receivers and tight ends over the past 20 years. Devante Adams, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb, Jermicheal Finley, and others. Now we have a new set of young receivers and tight ends to go along with a new young quarterback. No one knows how Jordan Love is going to do in his first year as a starter. It has been the main question for the Green Bay Packers all offseason. According to some reports, expectations for him are not that high. However, Love has to throw to receivers, so…

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Green Bay Packers Jordan Love

After almost two decades of spectacular play at the quarterback position with Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers turn the page to a new chapter with Jordan Love. A different QB with different players around him. Is it really all that different though? It might not be all that different, though. It may just be a repeat of the same exact thing. Let’s take a look at what happened with the Packers in the past. The Brett Farve Era Brett Farve may not have been drafted by Green Bay, since he was actually drafted 33rd overall by the Atlanta Falcons,…

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Aaron Rodgers Says He Considered Retiring Green Bay Packers 001 1

Week 1 of the NFL regular season is almost over with just one game remaining. Obviously the outcome for the Green Bay Packers was not what the team or the fans wanted. The Packers went on to lose to the Minnesota Vikings 23 – 7. After such a performance fans are bound to overreact. I mean, look at what people are saying on Jordan Sigler’s article. Well, I’m here to tell every Packers fan out there to NOT PANIC. Here’s why. This has happened before No one likes to lose. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing a video game or…

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pat mcafee aaron rodgers

Something that a lot of fans and every analyst likes to do is make bold predictions. What is a bold prediction? It is a prediction that has very little chance of happening. So what is my bold prediction? I think that Aaron Rodgers is going to throw for more passing yards and more passing touchdowns in 2022 than in 2021. We will get into my reasoning for my bold prediction, but first let’s have a look at last year. Rodger’s 2021 stats Rodgers won the MVP award in 2021, so it’s no doubt that he had a great year. It…

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Rodgers and Packers celebrate

The regular season of the NFL is just around the corner. As always, there are some games Packers fans look forward to more than others. Whether it’s because they’re rival, fight for the top spot, two players who have always been compared, or just a great matchup in general, there are many reasons to be excited for a game. Here is a list of the eight regular season games I think have the most hype from least hype to most hype. 8. Week 2 vs. Chicago Bears It’s always a fun game whenever a team plays against their rivals. The…

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Allen Lazard, #13 of the Green Bay Packers

Now that the preseason is over and the final cuts to the rosters have been made, it’s time to take a good look at the position in question all offseason. Who is going to be catching passes from Rodgers this year? The Green Bay Packers just about finished trimming their team down to 53. To see a list of some of the cuts, go check out this article at Packers News. Now we know, unless further moves are made, who will be on the roster and who will likely be the starters at wide receiver. Are they ready to fill…

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