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Josh is a marine veteran and sports news junkie. He has a degree in communications from the University of Louisville and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. His favorite player is Joe Borrow.

Sideline Report Jenn Sterger and Brett Favre

It’s Ugly. Dick Pic ugly. The NFL doesn’t want to talk about it.  In fact, the NFL would prefer you forget the long history of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against star players.  With the recent allegations against Brett Favre, involving misappropriations of welfare funds, see story here¸ it’s important to cite the long-standing allegations of sexual harassment against Favre while a member of the New York Jets.  I say long-standing due to the light penalty and lack of justice for the victims.    Deshaun Watson, Matt Araiza, and Ray Rice.  Each name brings an incident to mind. Domestic abuse, sexual…

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Former Packers hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre is in the news today. He has been implicated in a misappropriation of funds scheme involving former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. Text messages show Nancy New, who in April pleaded guilty to 13 counts of bribery of a public official, fraud against the government, and wire fraud charges, discussing details to provide funding for a new University of Southern Mississippi Volleyball stadium.  Favre’s daughter Breleigh Favre, who recently transferred to LSU, played for Southern Miss. Text messages between Favre and Nancy New It’s being reported that nearly $4 million dollars meant for…

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