Aaron Rodgers Wants Input Over Roster Decisions

Rodgers's reaction to the contestants missing a Green Bay Packers question. (Jeopardy! Photo)

On the first day of the NFL Draft, news broke that Aaron Rodgers was so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers’ front office that he did not want to return to Green Bay.  Since that time, there have been numerous theories and stories regarding what caused the riff between the two parties.


Upset Over the Jordan Love Pick

One of the primary theories was that Aaron Rodgers was upset that the Packers traded up to draft Jordan Love.  As the days passed, it was further speculated that he was not really upset by the pick itself, rather that the Packers did not tell him first.  In any case, the drama surrounding this idea reminded many of the Packers’ drafting Aaron Rodgers himself.  When they did that, Brett Favre was publicly upset by their pick and made it known that he was not a mentor.

Rodgers vs. Gutekunst

Over the course of the weekend, it was also rumored that Aaron Rodgers would not come back unless the Packers fired general manager Brian Gutekunst.  When asked about this during the Draft, Gutekunst responded that he believed that it is unfair to attribute those words to Aaron Rodgers.  He said that Rodgers never made such a statement to him, or anyone, that he is aware of.

Today on the Pat McAfee Show, AJ Hawk also commented on these rumors.  Hawk spent the weekend with Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby.  Of the Rodgers vs. Gutekunst rumors, Hawk said,

Aaron Rodgers Threatened to Retire?

Another major rumor that exploded over the weekend was that if Rodgers did not get his way, he would simply retire.  AJ Hawk addressed that rumor, too:

Aaron Rodgers Wants More Input on Personnel Decisions

Today, a new rumor is circulating around social media.  It is that Aaron Rodgers wants more input over the Packers’ roster moves.  Many are citing the Packers’ cutting of Jake Kumerow the day after Aaron Rodgers publicly praised him as the breaking point in this matter.  That action, though, is apparently one in a long line of decisions in which Rodgers and the front office disagreed:

So What Is the Truth?

To put it plainly, we do not know and we will not know until Aaron Rodgers himself says something.  It is very frustrating, as Packers fans, to have a quarterback who continually slams people for speaking for him while never taking the time to speak for himself.  At least each individual in Packers’ leadership has done that.

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